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How it all began...

It was early December 2017 and I was watching a documentary about the life of George Michael. It seemed that this talented man had everything he wanted; singer, songwriter, music producer, handsome, loved, and rich. Unfortunately, he was very unhappy deep down. On December 25, 2016, he died of multiple health problems caused by intense emotional pain that he unsuccessfully tried to numb with alcohol and drugs. An unnecessary death. Had he been able to ask for help without fear of being recognized, his life might have looked different.

From now on, that is possible...

Private coaching on location

If you wish, I am happy to travel to you, worldwide. After a qualification interview and the necessary formalities, you may expect me soon. I attach great importance to absolute discretion, nobody will know who I am and what I am doing. I am willing to put this in an agreement so you can be absolutely sure of the best possible and discrete help.

When emotional painkillers don't help anymore

As a mental coach, I know all too well how people try to repress their emotional pain. They start using emotional painkillers in the form of alcohol and drugs. Until one day they hopefully realize that they need help. Most people then go to a psychologist or psychotherapist. Or if they cannot help they come to someone like me, a mental coach.

What if you can't just sit in a waiting room?

George Michael couldn't get that help; he couldn't set foot outside or someone would have noticed him. He couldn't help but silently suffer inside, when he too was entitled to proper mental and emotional support. Intensely tragic to see. Yet I understand that a public figure like him, or any other well-to-do person, does not just sit in a waiting room somewhere waiting his turn.

A special coaching program for VIPs worldwide

Then, at that moment, as I sat watching with tears, it fully dawned on me that these people are left out in the cold. I took the decision to do something about this and developed a special VIP coaching program where you don't have to sit in that waiting room with all the risks it entails. We turn it around. I meet you at your preferred location. And that even worldwide. Because sometimes VIPS also need a confidant who offers them short-term and effective support.

How does such a project look like?

After a non-committal phone or Zoom call, I will draw up a customized plan that addresses your specific needs. If my plan appeals to you, we will immediately make an appointment for a first session at a location of your choice. Wherever you want. This saves time and is discrete. No one will ever find out the purpose of my visit. In an extensive introductory meeting we look together at what exactly is needed, and I will adapt my plan even better to that. During the process you can count on my full 100% attention, expertise and commitment. In between our meetings I am always available via email.

Dare to take the step

So you are a famous person, or other world citizen, you need help, but do not dare to take the step for fear of gossip and backbiting or exposure? Then sign up via e-mail for a disc introductory meeting via Zoom. Because I believe that everyone is entitled to good mental and emotional support.

How big is your investment for a life-changing transformation?

I deliver profound and life-changing transformations in absolute discretion. Since my VIP clients don't want exposure I can't mention reviews, but feel free to take a look elsewhere on this website and read what other clients write about their experience with me. Be sure to also check out my Google reviews below. Investment is customized and depends entirely on your problem, so I can't just put a price on it. Because I live in Belgium, moving to somewhere in Belgium or the Netherlands will of course be cheaper than flying to Spain, the United Kingdom or Dubai...

What clients say about me: some of my Google-reviews

Just 40

"David has been for me the person that started up my personal transformation. Some people cross your path, intending to give you a direction to go in. For me David was this person. Apart from his skills he has much more to offer, even more than he is aware of himself. Thanks for everything, sweet man."

Toon Walleyn

"An amazing mental coach who is always there with his extremely personal and professional approach. Highly recommended!"

Karel Schoonbaert

"I was allowed to get to know you as honest and caring, and what you do helps !!! A big thank you…"

Yentill Lorce

"Has helped me tremendously with processing my drastic experiences during missions abroad. I am very grateful for that."

Kreadance DiVa

"Honesty, sincerity, reassurance

After a stressful car ride and hellish traffic scare, I was afraid to go yet, due to so many commercial therapists. David immediately put me at ease and told me to do it at my leisure and in a safe way. Regarding the session itself, I can only say that it was a revelation for me. I enjoyed it and walked out of there feeling confident."

Gunther Delmotte

"Absolute must!"

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